Site Finished Hardwood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring is one solid piece of wood that has tongue and groove sides and come in either prefinished or unfinished styles.  It is nailed down to a sub-floor and should be in a room that is ground level or above.  Solid wood flooring can be refinished a number of times, which adds to their appeal and to their longevity.  There are solid wood floors that are several centuries old, and are still in good condition today.


Site Finished Solid Wood Flooring is extremely versatile.  Because of the availability of different species, different stains, and different finishes, it lends itself to customization.  It can be combined with borders, medallions, corner treatments, and other hard surface flooring to give you a floor that no one else has.  The classic strip wood floor is ¾” thick and 2 ¼” wide.  The strips are in random lengths from 12” to 84”.  Different widths are readily available and combinations of widths are frequently used.  The most common wood species used for solid strip floors are red oak, white oak, and maple.  Even though the classic strip floor is the most commonly seen solid wood floor, it is by no means the only type available.  Accent Hardwood Flooring can get any type of floor that is milled, from exotic species of woods, to planks as wide as 14”.

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