Hardwood Installation

Hardwood Floor Installation

Accent Hardwood Flooring, Inc. installs and sells every type of wood flooring available. We also install wooden floor vents to match and enhance your hardwood flooring. Wood flooring is available in many different shapes, sizes, species and type of construction. Choosing the style that is best for you is an important decision, and will be based on a variety of issues including your lifestyle, your decorating style, and the construction of your home as well as your sub-flooring. Time can also be a determining factor in your choice. Factory finished flooring can be installed in a day, whereas site finished flooring will take longer.

NOTE: Many big box stores are promoting engineered flooring as being more stable in your home. While in theory this is true, solid wood flooring in above grade construction has been performing for centuries. Many foreign manufacturers are dumping low grade engineered and solid wood flooring into the US market with low grade results. From the underpaid and undertrained foreign worker, to the underpaid and undertrained big box sales associate, these products reflect the “quick buck” mentality of their businesses. Many of these products cannot even be refinished once, let alone for the lifetime of the home. We believe that a good product, installed correctly, should last a lifetime.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring is one solid piece of wood that has tongue and groove sides and comes in either factory finished or unfinished styles. It is nailed down to a sub-floor and should be in a room that is ground level or above. Solid wood flooring can be refinished a number of times, which adds to it’s appeal and to it’s longevity. There are solid wood floors that are several centuries old, and are still in good condition today.

Site Finished Solid Wood Flooring is extremely versatile. Because of the availability of different species, different stains, and different finishes, it lends itself to customization. It can be combined with borders, medallions, corner treatments, and other hard surface flooring to give you a floor that no one else has. The classic strip wood floor is ¾” thick and 2 ¼” wide. The strips are in random lengths from 12” to 84”. Different widths are readily available and combinations of widths are frequently used. The most common wood species used for solid strip floors are red oak, white oak, and maple. Even though the classic strip floor is the most commonly seen solid wood floor, it is by no means the only type available. Accent Hardwood Flooring can get any type of floor that is milled, from exotic species of woods, to planks as wide as 14”.

Factory Finished Solid Wood Flooring This flooring product, as its name implies, gets sanded and finished in the manufacturing stages, then installed. It has a few important advantages over the unfinished approach in that, the job length is cut by half or more and there are no fumes. As soon as this flooring is installed, the rooms are ready for use. Factory finished flooring has all the advantages of a site finished solid wood flooring material except color and grade choices are somewhat more restricted. However, in recent years, the variety of factory finished options has grown to meet the consumers demand.

Engineered Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring is an all-wood product made by pressing multiple layers of wood veneer together with the grains running in different directions. This cross graining gives the floor good stability and allows it to be glued to concrete. Engineered wood flooring is perfect for areas in the home where solid wood flooring might not be suitable, such as below grade rooms or rooms that have a concrete sub floor. Most engineered flooring is factory finished; however, Accent Hardwood Flooring also sells engineered flooring that comes from the factory unfinished, allowing for a custom finish.

Floating Wood Flooring (also an engineered product) is not secured to any subflooring. This flooring is typically installed on a cushioned underlayment. Each piece of flooring is attached to an adjacent piece, either with glue, or a “click” system. Floating floors can be installed over a wide range of sub-straits, including  most existing ceramic tile, and subfloors of questionable quality that are not recommended for nail down or glue down flooring.


Nothing has as much character as a beautiful, lustrous, cascading staircase of wooden steps and rails. While the process is indeed tedious and time consuming, the finished product is more than worth the work. Allow our team of highly trained professionals to install your wooden staircase today and realize everything that your staircase can be.

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