Factory Finished Hardwood Flooring

Factory Finished Solid Wood Flooring This flooring product, as its name implies, gets sanded and finished in the manufacturing stages, then installed. It has a few important advantages over the unfinished approach in that, the job length is cut by half or more and   there are no fumes. As soon as this flooring is installed, the rooms are ready for use. Factory finished flooring has all the advantages of a site finished solid wood flooring material except color and grade choices are somewhat more restricted.



ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORING is an all-wood product made by pressing 3-5 layers of wood veneer together with the grains running in different directions.   This cross graining gives the floor good stability and allows it to be glued to concrete.  Engineered wood flooring is perfect for areas in the home where solid wood flooring might not be suitable, such as below grade rooms or rooms that have a concrete sub floor.  Most engineered flooring is factory finished; however, Accent Hardwood Flooring also sells engineered flooring that comes from the factory unfinished, allowing for a custom finish.

Floating wood flooring (also an engineered product) is not secured to any subflooring. This flooring is typically installed on a cushioned underlayment.  Each piece of flooring is attached to an adjacent piece, either with glue, or a “click” system.  Floating floors can be installed over most existing ceramic tile and subfloors of questionable quality that are not recommended for nail down or glue down flooring.

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