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Inspection Services

Inspection Services

How to request the inspectors help

All necessary inspection forms are available for viewing and printing. You can also view a sample report. All inspections are currently performed by Genia Smith, an NWFA and NOFMA certified wood flooring inspector. Read Genia Smith’s credentials.

Hardwood Flooring Certified Inspection Service

Why a flooring inspection?

If you are unsure whether poor installation or a defective product caused the problem with your hardwood flooring, you may want to have an independent third party determine if a problem exists, and what the potential causes are. Accent Hardwood Flooring, Inc. now offers fully certified hardwood flooring inspections.

Our Certified Inspector will:

  • Perform an on site inspection
  • Obtain a chronological history of the flooring installation
  • List detailed observations of the problem areas
  • Perform and record field tests results
  • Collect samples for lab testing, if applicable
  • Photograph, or video tape areas of concern

Prepare a comprehensive report providing:

  • Description of complaint/problem
  • Job site description
  • Product description
  • Claim history
  • Detailed description of problem
  • Field and/or lab test results
  • Applicable industry and/or manufacturer standards
  • Conclusion based on collected data and field tests
  • Identification of responsible party
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